Touch and Go

Abby Has Issues

I had been seeing her for about a year—12 whole months—so I thought that what we had was special. But apparently I was nothing more to her than just another body to use.

Yes, it’s true.

My massage therapist quit.

Now before you go rolling your eyes at the fact I “indulge” in a monthly massage, know that it’s in conjunction with chiropractic care to help with chronic neck and back issues I have and not at some fancy spa.

Note: I feel a little funny saying I go to the chiropractor, only because it kind of sounds a) pretentious, although the visits are medically necessary and b) like a dinosaur, which sounds cool but then disappointing when it’s a doctor and not a dinosaur. So getting a half hour massage once a month made me feel indulgent if by “indulgent” you mean “not in so much pain I can’t…

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